You have a great idea. You’ve scoped out other projects. You know you can do better. You’ve written the copy, you’ve planned the rewards. It’s time to hit launch.

Wait! Your biggest weakness is what you don’t know. That’s where the KickBetter Report comes in: it’s a comprehensive, customized report written by people who have studied and run successful Kickstarter campaigns. Every Kickstarter project is unique–your analysis report is as well.

A few of the questions your report will answer:

  • Is my goal level too high? Too low?
  • Are my reward levels appropriate?
  • What’s the best title for my campaign?
  • What should my video include?
  • How should I be promoting my campaign?


Don’t leave your campaign to chance. There are proactive steps you should be taking to make your campaign a success, and the first is having expert advice in the form of a custom KickBetter Report.