Sometimes you need more than just a report, and that’s where our Strategic Guidance comes in.¬†Choose from just a quick phone call at the start of your campaign or ongoing assistance throughout the entire Kickstarter process. Our offerings are as follows:

  • Pre-Kickstarter Strategy Session:¬†A one-hour coffee meeting or Skype call with the Kickbetter team. We’ll make sure you’re all squared away for a successful campaign and answer any questions you may have at the time. $150


  • Kickstarter Strategic Guidance: A Pre-Kickstarter Strategy Session (see above), another 1-hour call one week into your campaign, and a final 1-hour call 3 days before the campaign ends. We’ll provide you with advice and answer your questions at these three important points in your campaign. $500


  • On-Call Strategic Guidance: Kickstarter Strategic Guidance (see above) as well as the Kickbetter report (a $749 value), and a special email address that connects you to the Kickbetter team during the entire run of your Kickstarter campaign. The team will always answer within 24 hours (and often much sooner). Great for those burning last-minute questions, concerns, or brainstorms! $1350